Lucas-Cide Gallon Pink

Lucas-Cide Gallon Pink
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Product Description

Salon & Spa Sanitizer & Disinfectant Lucas-Cide, pH neutral formula, not only has the highest available germ-killing power, but also the lowest cost per use in the industry. Mix 1/2 ounce of Lucas-Cide with one gallon of water (1 gallon Lucas-Cide yields 256 gallons). Hospital-grade; kills COVID-19 and disease-causing single cell organisms including staph, strep, hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C, herpes and HIV in 10 minutes. Helps stop the spread of contagious diseases. It is excellent for disinfecting tools that require soaking like nail and hair implements, pedicure spas and itís even safe to use for disinfecting make up brushes. Use it at the end of the day on major surfaces such as floors, in restrooms, and staff kitchens/break rooms when disinfection time wonít disrupt client services. Available in pink or blue.